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What Are the Different Window Screen Types?

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Window screens do more than keep the bugs out. They also make it more difficult for burglars to gain entry into your home and help keep it cooler. As our name suggests, CHC Glass & Mirror are experts in all things glass and mirror, but we also handle window screens. If your window screens are torn or rusted, it’s time for new ones. Let’s talk about the different window screen types below.


For those who are looking to give the exterior of their home a huge wow factor, there are window screens that have colored netting in many different colors other than just black or silver. This adds pop to the exterior and allows you to pick custom screens that match your exterior paint or paint accents. You can also pair the screen netting color with screen frames for added effect.


Glare screens are also called sun control screens and they work to reduce the amount of glare that comes through your windows. The sun can be annoying when it glares through the windows. You may want to install sun control screens to reduce the amount of glare and also to prevent your night exterior lighting from disturbing your sleep.

Low Visibility

For those who love the sunlight pouring through their windows, low-visibility screens are the right screen type for you. These screens are designed to be hard to see and to allow plenty of sunshine through the windows. This works well in the winter when you want to keep your shades and drapes open to take advantage of the natural solar heat pouring in from the outside.


Cats love to tear up screens; it’s an instinctual habit. If you have pets, pet screens work well because they stand up to the cat’s claws and to the dog’s charges. You know what we are talking about if your dog has ever run through a screen to get outside. Choose pet screens if you have pets because they are more durable and able to withstand an excited dog and an annoyed cat.


If you can’t stand a screen blocking your view of the outside, purchase retractable screens. You can open these screens when the windows are closed so you aren’t looking through the screen netting, and you can close them when the windows are open to keep the pet scan and the bugs out.

Call CHC Glass & Mirror in Duluth, GA, today if you need new screens. We have the perfect screens for your home or business.

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