Window Screens

Window Screens

Are the screens on your windows or doors in need of repair or replacement? CHC Glass & Mirror can help with that too! Your screens allow you to keep your windows open without having to worry about bugs or large debris finding their way in. But when your screens begin to wear out, form holes, or tear, they can no longer perform their function. We perform adjustments, repairs, and re-screening for window and door screens on-site for both residential and commercial locations in the Atlanta, GA, area. This includes replacing handles, wheels, screen frames, and other specialty parts.

Variety of Window Screen Choices

When it does come time to replace the screens for your home or business, CHC Glass & Mirror offers a variety of traditional and specialty screen choices for doors and windows. Specialty screens allow your screens to go above and beyond their traditional purpose. Some of the choices include:

  • Pet resistant screens
  • Low visibility
  • Glare and sun control
  • Colored screens
  • Retractable screens

Colored screens allow the screen to blend with the existing color of the home or building. Retractable screens allow the screen to be hidden away from view when not in use, allowing for a better view and more accessible window cleaning. Contact us today to learn more about our available specialty screens!

Window Screen Repair Duluth, GA

Anytime your door or window screen is damaged, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience. We will ensure that you not only get the best service and window screen repair in Duluth and the Atlanta area, but we will do so at a price you can afford.

Window Screen Replacement Near Me

There are times when your door or window screen may be beyond repair or missing altogether. Don’t worry, CHC Glass & Mirror is here to help. We will replace your busted or missing screen with a beautiful new screen with no inconvenience to you.

If your window screens are damaged, missing, or looking worse for wear, contact CHC Glass & Mirror today to learn about all of our options.


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