Window Repair & Replacement

CHC Glass and Mirror has been a fixture in the greater Atlanta area since 1976, serving our residential and commercial customers with their best interests in mind. You are our priority, and if you need window repair or replacement, you needn’t look any further than our showroom on Buford Highway in Duluth, GA.

Atlanta, GA, Window Repair

Your son’s unfortunate pop fly through the front living room window isn’t the only reason why you need window repair, although it was a good hit. Common causes of window damage include

  • Poorly installed windows that do not fit correctly and leak air and/or water inside your home
  • Unsealed windows that need their worn weather-stripping replaced with new sealant
  • Weather, temperature changes, and age that weaken window frame structures
  • Age-related damage to the window panes that create condensation between the glass
  • Human or weather-caused cracked or broken window panes that must be replaced

Window damage isn’t just visible cracks or breaks. Your windows need repair if they fog up in the winter, your utility bills keep getting higher, or you feel drafts when you’re near them.

Window Replacement in Duluth, GA

There will come a time when your windows are just too old and you’ll need to replace them. The good news is that new windows pay for themselves, not only in utility bill savings but also by increasing the value of your home or business. New windows spruce up the outside, which is especially important for commercial property, and make life easier indoors. No more dealing with stuck windows that are impossible to open and close. You need new windows if

  • You hear a ton of outside noise even when the windows are closed
  • You feel drafts coming in from the outside through the windows
  • The windows frames are damaged by wood rot or other wear and tear
  • It’s impossible to open, close, and/or lock your windows
  • You have condensation between the window panes
  • Your windows are cracked or broken

Sorry for being repetitive on some of those bullet points, but condensation between the window panes and cracked or broken windows not only demonstrate the need for new windows but also reduces your residential or commercial property security. Keep in mind, your windows are the number one entry point for burglars, and old, weakened windows make it much easier for someone to get inside undetected.

New Window Installation Near Me

We are glass replacement experts and our trained technicians can install the new windows on your residential or commercial property right the first time. We can also inspect your windows to see if they can be repaired rather than replaced. In other words, you needn’t look any further for your residential or commercial window repair or replacement needs than CHC Glass and Mirror. Stop by our studio at 1856 Buford Highway, Suite 102, in Duluth, GA, or contact us today for a quote.


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