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CHC Glass Measurements

To provide you with a close estimate for your glass shower or tub enclosure, you will need to supply us with your measurements. You can copy, paste, and print the charts we have supplied below to fill out your measurements with, or you can create your own. The charts can then be faxed or emailed to us so we can provide you with your quote. Measurements can be performed with a regular metal tape measure and a level. When you are ready to have your enclosure installed, CHC Glass & Mirror will be sure to first visit your home to professionally measure the space with our equipment, such as commercial laser levels, to obtain the most accurate measurements possible.

Measuring a Tub Enclosure

When measuring for a tub enclosure, focus on the height from the top of the tub to the edge of the tub surround and the width of the tub opening. Make sure to take measurements for the height on both sides of the opening, and at the top, middle, and bottom for the width. These areas can often vary in their measurement due to variations in construction, natural settling of the home, etc. Also check that the tub and the sidewalls are level and straight, preferably with a 48-inch level.

Shower Door Measurements

If you are measuring for a shower door that fills the opening space, you will need to measure the height and width of the opening. Just as with a tub enclosure, you will need to measure the height on both sides, and the width at the top, middle, and bottom to account for any variations that may be present. A 12-inch level can be used to check that the sidewalls and threshold are level and straight.

Measuring for Custom Enclosures

At CHC Glass & Mirror we realize that you may desire an enclosure that sets your enclosure apart from others in the Atlanta, GA, area. In some cases, this may mean your enclosure turns at an angle or includes one or more buttress walls. As a result, your enclosure will require a few more measurements. At each space that your enclosure will have a vertical wall, the height should be measured from the curb to the top of the shower surround. If there is a buttress, measure from the curb to the top of each buttress. Measure on each side in both cases to allow for any variations. Measure the width of each wall, being sure to measure at the bottom, middle, and top in case of variations. If your enclosure includes an angle, use a piece of paper to mark the angle. This step should be completed even if the angle is supposed to be at 90 degrees. Use a level to ensure all surrounding horizontal and vertical surfaces are level and straight.

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