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Tips to Reduce Your Heating Bill This Winter

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Winter is here and you may be looking for ways to reduce your heating bills this year. This makes perfect sense. Why pay more for heating than you need to? CHC Glass & Mirror is going to list some tips below that help keep the cold air outside and the hot air inside. This ensures your furnace doesn’t run as much and, as a consequence, run up an exorbitant heating bill.

Check the Doors and Windows for Leaks

You may be letting the cold air from the outside into your home without even realizing it. If your doors and windows are leaking, your heater is going to have to work harder to keep the house warm. To check to see if any doors or windows are leaking, carefully hold a lit candle in front of them when they are closed. If the flame begins to flicker, you’ve got air coming in from outside. Reseal any leaking doors or windows to ensure your inside heat doesn’t escape.

Let the Solar Heat in During the Day

Once the sun rises, it’s time to open the curtains and blinds. Let the sunshine flow into your home to naturally heat it. If you have a dog or a cat, you may have noticed that it moves with sunshine throughout the day to ensure it’s always laying in the sun’s rays. It’s heating itself. The sun’s rays do the same for your home. The more that pours in the warmer the house will get. Utilize this natural heat source to increase your indoor temperature.

Close the Curtains and Blinds at Night

Once the sun sets, however, the task of trapping the heat begins. Now, it is time to close all the curtains and blinds to ensure the sun’s heat doesn’t escape your home. If you have thin curtains and worn blinds on the windows, it’s time for new window treatments. Buy thick curtains that are designed to trap the heat inside; they will also trap the AC’s cold air in the summer. Replace worn blinds, too, to make sure the heat isn’t escaping through broken slats.

Install Double-Paned or Insulated Windows

Finally, if you have single-paned windows, the heat is escaping through the panes. Upgrading your windows to double-paned or insulated will not only trap the heat better but also increase the value of your home, making this renovation a win-win!

Call CHC Glass & Mirror in Duluth, GA, today to get a quote to replace your old and leaking windows. The reduction in your heating bills will pay for the new windows over time.

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