Should I Replace or Repair My Torn Window Screen

No matter what part of the region you call home, your window screens play an important role in your safety and your comfort. Quality window screens provide airflow throughout your home, reducing the need for extra air conditioning and saving you money. Properly installed window screens can also protect your home, keeping burglars at bay and helping you and your family stay safe.

It is important to check all the window screens in your home at least once or twice a year. Before the weather gets hot and you need to open your windows, you need to make sure your screens are all in great shape.

The Pre-Summer Window Screen Check

Doing a pre-season check on all your window screens is very important, so be sure to examine each screen for damage before moving on to the next one. A visual inspection is fine, but a tactile examination is much better.

You should feel each screen for broken parts and damage, marking any problems you find as you go along. Once you have checked all your windows, you can assess any damage you find and determine the best course of action for each room in your home.

Replacement vs. Repair

There are some very good window screen repair kits on the market, but repair is not the best option in every case. If you find a small hole or tear in an otherwise solid window screen, a patch kit may be all you need. Simply patch up the small hole or tear, check it carefully and enjoy the flow of fresh air all summer long.

For larger tears and holes, replacement is probably a better option than repair. Most patch kits are designed for small repairs, not large problems. It is important to check the screen carefully before attempting any type of repair. If the damage is too severe or the hole is very large, you are better off replacing the old window screen with a new one.

The risk of patching a large hole or significant tear is just too high, especially once the warm weather arrives and your windows are open all the time. If the repair fails and the hole reappears, you could end up with a house full of bees or other pests. That broken window screen also poses a safety risk, especially if you have kids or pets in the home. So do yourself a favor – use your repair kits for small problems, but call a professional to replace those damaged window screens.

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Image by Andy Kreyche from Pixabay