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Never Underestimate the Power of Window Shoppers

If your storefront is all concrete and a glass door, you’re missing out on a tremendous amount of foot traffic drawn in by window shopping. CHC Glass & Mirror are experts in glass storefronts that are designed to make the exterior of your place extremely appealing. Let’s talk more about how these storefronts make people stop in their tracks to see what you are selling.

Glass Storefronts Beautify the Space

Even if your storefront has wood or stone wall accents, glass storefronts can beautify the space even more. Glass storefronts are crisp, clean, and reflect the sunlight during the day. This draws people’s eyes to your place of business. You can incorporate the glass with the wood and stone wall accents for an even more attractive storefront. You can use the glass to your advantage to make sure that people stop when they are walking by. It might seem hard to believe, but aesthetics makes a huge difference in drawing people into your store. As we mentioned above, glass storefronts provide a crisp and clean look, where is playing concrete can look dirty and old.

Glass Storefronts Allow for Window Displays

Another boost that glass storefronts give your place of business is the ability to set up window displays of your goods. We aren’t just talking about the holidays. We are talking about window displays every day that feature the best of your goods. People stop to look at window displays, especially if they are designed to attract attention. Glass storefronts allow for multiple displays that are sure to draw the foot traffic into the store. You’d be surprised at how many more customers you will draw in with window displays that are eye-catching and appealing. Proof of this is in the Macy’s holiday window displays every December. People walk by on purpose just to see the displays.

Glass Storefronts Make Shoppers Feel Safe

Finally, you may not have thought of this but glass storefronts help to make your shoppers feel safe when they are in your store. Going into a store that does not have a lot of windows in the front of it makes the shoppers subconsciously feel trapped inside the store. In addition, studies show that stores without a lot of windows in the front are more likely to be robbed. An added bonus of glass storefronts is visibility from the outside to deter criminals.

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Photo by Thomas Bullock from Getty Images via Canva Pro