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Improve Your Windows for a Cooler House This Summer

You can reduce your utility bills in the summer if you take a few steps to improve your windows to prevent the outside heat from making its way inside. CHC Glass & Mirror can help by designing and manufacturing custom windows that protect your home from the outside heat. We will talk more about this below. We will also talk about other things you can do to keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside.

Use Window Treatments

If you have thin shears hanging in front of the windows, it’s time to rethink your window treatments. Invest in blinds and/or drapes that will block the sun’s heat from entering your home through the window panes. You can look for blinds and/or drapes that are suited specifically for this purpose. Replace the shears with these window treatments or hang them up, as well.

Hang Exterior Awnings

You can also help prevent the inside of your home from getting too hot in the summer by hanging exterior awnings over all of your exterior windows. These awnings provide shade in the afternoon when the sun is at its most intense state. The awnings will help keep the window panes cool so the heat is not transferred from the outside to the inside.

Tint the Windows

You can also tint your windows with UV-protective material that will help reduce the intensity of the sun’s rays. The caveat to this option is that some people don’t like the look of tinted windows. In addition, there will come a point after several years that the window tinting will start to peel away from the window pane. You will have to have the tinting redone at that time.

Make Sure the Windows Aren’t Leaking

Another thing that can introduce hot air into your home is windows that leak. Take the time or have a professional inspect your windows to make sure air is not coming in from the outside through the panes or from around the window frame. If you do have air coming in from the outside, seal the windows to block the exterior heat.

Replace the Windows

Finally, if you only have single panes in the windows, it’s time to upgrade to double-pane windows. These windows not only keep the hot air outside better but they also prevent you from hearing as much outside noise.

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