Five Things That Can Damage A Window Screen

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Your window screens do more than keep the bugs out. They also protect your home and make it harder for burglars to gain entry through the windows. Window screens can last much longer if they are taken care of, but there are things that can damage them prematurely. CHC Glass and Mirror list the things that damage window screens below.

1. Age

The biggest enemy of window screens is their age. The older window screens get the more susceptible they are to stretching and tearing. The average lifespan of a window screen is 10 to 15 years, so plan on replacing yours after this duration. Signs that the window screens need to be replaced include rust, tears, dirt that cannot be cleaned, and warped or broken window screen frames.

2. Pets

Pets can also wreak havoc on your window screens. Pet screening is a good idea if you have cats and dogs. This screening is designed to withstand clawing and constant noses pressed into the screens. Don’t punish your animals for scratching at the screens; they’re only doing what their instincts tell them to do. Rather, have your home windows rescreened using pet screening instead of metal.

3. Rust

Metal screens rust, especially in the humid climate here in Duluth, GA. Rust is not only unsightly but it can also be dangerous if you cut your hand on a rusty screen. Rust also eats through the metal framing and screening material, so it’s important to replace your rusty screens as soon as possible. Screens that are old and rusty are no longer protecting your home.

4. Toys

Kids can ruin screens with their toys. Perhaps it’s a baseball that flies through the screen and window from the street or perhaps your son is running his toy cars and trucks along the screens. Whether the kids are playing indoors or outdoors, it’s important to encourage them to play in a safe place away from the screens and windows to avoid screen damage.

5. Wind

Finally, wind and inclement weather can rip through window screens, especially old ones. Over time, the wind can also loosen the screening material so it sags instead of looking neat. This is just part of a window screen’s natural aging process and, unfortunately, the wind will eventually have its way with an old screen that is worn and torn.

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