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Enhance Your Living Space With Custom Shower Enclosures

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A custom shower enclosure can add sophistication and elegance to any bathroom. Whether you are building a brand new bathroom from scratch or are renovating an existing bathroom, a glass shower enclosure can be installed quickly, easily, and efficiently. If you haven’t considered glass for your shower enclosure before, here are a few reasons to think about it now.

Beauty and Customization

Glass enclosure can be framed or frameless. If you choose a framed enclosure, there are versions in just about any color or material you can think of. The glass of these enclosures, framed or frameless, can be transparent or opaque and can be colored or colorless. Doors can be mounted on hinges (pivot) or slide to open (bypass). Both frame options help to accent your shower, showing off beautiful tile work and making your bathroom feel larger.

Glass doors can be custom made to fit your specific needs. Frameless doors, in particular, are easy to custom fabricate. That means that you can design your bathroom to fit your needs rather than changing your needs to fit the sizes of materials in stock. The freedom that glass provides is unparalleled.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to glass, which is why it is such a great medium for design. Frameless enclosures are valued for their sleek sophistication and unobtrusive presence. They fit with almost any décor, allowing you to design with freedom.

Easy Maintenance

Glass enclosures are easy to keep clean, particularly the frameless variety. Most glass enclosures have a transparent polymer coating on them that prevents the buildup of mold and mildew and which is virtually streak-free when wiped down. Most people use a squeegee to clean their glass, reducing cleaning time to minutes.

Of course, keeping the surface clean is not the only maintenance need when it comes to showers. Fortunately, glass is low maintenance in all respects. It doesn’t rust, it doesn’t scratch, it doesn’t corrode, and it doesn’t leak. The glass is tempered, so it doesn’t crack and it doesn’t shatter. All you have to do is wipe it down on a regular basis to keep it sparkling.


Glass enclosures cost more upfront than other solutions. That said, they also add more value to your home and, because of their enduring beauty, actually cost less over time than other options. A glass enclosure is an investment in your home and in your happiness. You won’t regret spending the money to make your shower world class.

The Bottom Line

Glass is cleaner, more elegant, and more desirable to home buyers. In fact, the only shortcoming of glass for a shower enclosure is the upfront cost. Considering the value that such an enclosure adds and the aesthetic pleasure that it brings, the upfront cost of glass is easily offset by both the financial and emotional returns. Your bathroom will look nicer and be cleaner, and thus more healthy, with glass. Make the move to glass today. You won’t regret it.

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