Are You Missing Out On Storefront Appeal?

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Every business owner knows that marketing is one of your most powerful tools, but is your storefront actually repelling customers? CHC Glass and Mirror explains that if you are relying solely on social media and promotions for your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on one of the most important strategies out there: curb appeal. Let’s talk more about this below and how customized glass can help draw customers into your store.

Walled Space Is Not Welcoming

Solid wall space is not welcoming. There is absolutely nothing appealing about a door, even if it’s a glass door, in a solid wall space. You may as well hang up your closed sign and keep it there permanently. People are not attracted to stores that they cannot see inside before they enter the space. Many people feel trapped inside the store that is enclosed. In fact, burglars target stores that do not have glass storefronts because they are not seen while they are inside.

Tear the Walls Out and Put In Glass

If you have solid walls in the front of your store, it’s time to tear them out and put in glass. This not only brightens the interior of your store but also makes shoppers feel safer. Again, burglars will be less inclined to target your store if the entire front of the store is glass. Aside from the safety, glass storefronts are more welcoming.

Glass Storefronts Attract Window Shoppers

When people walk by your store, if all they see are concrete walls and a glass door, they have no idea what your store is about and they will keep walking. Glass storefronts stop window shoppers in their tracks, especially if you use this space to present window displays that are appealing to the eye. You want to get as much foot traffic into your store as possible, and you cannot do that if you have an enclosed space that does not display many of your key products.

Window Shoppers Become Customers

Window displays draw people inside stores. Studies confirm this and it makes perfect sense. If a potential customer sees something she or he likes in the window display, she or he will walk through the doors to look at the product more closely and see what the price is for it. You know this is true because you have likely done this yourself.

Boost the foot traffic into your store by contacting CHC Glass and Mirror in Duluth, GA, to discuss customized glass storefronts. You’d be surprised how well this works in increasing your customer base.

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