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Five Unusual Wall Mirror Designs for the Home

Mirrors are an excellent design tool that allow you to instantly transform a room with just a few small changes. As well as making an attractive feature, mirrors can brighten up a room that doesn’t receive a lot of natural light while creating the illusion of extra space. There are hundreds of options when it comes to using mirrors in the home, and some of the more unusual ideas are usually the most effective.

Mirror Gallery

Creating a mirror gallery is simple and adds a modern touch to any room in your home. You will need a selection of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. Start by hanging the largest mirrors somewhere in the center of the wall but at different levels. Hang the rest of the mirrors around them to create a stunning feature that will instantly brighten up any room. You can use mirrors with different frames to create a multi-colored display, or spray paint them all the same color for a more subtle effect.

Mirror Tiles

Mirror tiles offer endless design possibilities and can be used to create a stunning wall feature. Simple tile shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles can be purchased from any home improvement store and are easy to use. For something a little more special, you will need to order custom-made tiles from a professional glazier.

Layered Mirrors

Layered mirrors are a good trick to expand a small room or hallway. Hang two large mirrors directly opposite each other to create a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect. You can draw attention to a particular feature in your home such as a large plant or sculpture by placing it in between the mirrors. Try turning two long mirrors sideways and mounting them on the wall to elongate your walls.

Oversized Mirrors

Oversized mirrors work really well in larger rooms and can be used in many different ways. Most people prefer to hang large mirrors over a fireplace, behind a dining table or over a bed to make the space seem larger. Another way to use an oversized mirror is to place it on the floor and let it lean against one wall. This effect works best with antique mirrors or those with large wooden frames.

Painted Mirrors

Create your own customized mirror using stencils and spray paint. Place your chosen stencils over the mirror surface, and then spray paint the entire mirror including the frame. You may need to apply several coats of paint to achieve an even coverage. Once the paint is dry, carefully peel off the stencils. Stencils such as numbers, letters or animal shapes are an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom.

You can find beautiful mirrors and mirror frames at yard sales, antique stores, thrift stores or even online. Those with a flair for home design can create spectacular displays using mirrors without any DIY experience. Projects that are a little more complicated may require the help of an expert with experience in mirror installations.

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