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Expand Your Room With a Wall Mirror

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Nothing expands a room quite like a mirror. They’re a must-have for any interior decorator. They create more light and give the illusion of space. Plus, they’re convenient if you need to check your hair or touch up your makeup.

Bigger, more ornate mirrors are an investment, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars. As such, they need protecting. You’ve got to be careful to mount them in the best possible way to make sure they don’t come crashing down.

The first step to hang your mirror is to pick a spot. Find somewhere central in the room, somewhere prominent where the mirror can be seen. Try to keep it at head height so you can actually look into it. Other common places to find mirrors are above fireplaces or mantels. Make sure it gets some light. There’s nothing more depressing than a darkened mirror.

If you’re mounting on wood, get a stud finder and find a good stud. Failure to do so is a rookie mistake that will cost you. If you’re mounting on a softer material like drywall, get drywall anchors. They’ll keep your mirror in place for the years to come.

Mounting is all about centering. Get a tape measure and find the dimensions of your mirror. Mark these dimensions on the wall where you’re mounting and use a level to make sure everything is an even distance from the ground.

For heavy mirrors, one of the most reliable mounts is something called a Z-bar. It’s a metal strip that goes on the wall and it comes with a connecting strip to put on the mirror frame itself. A Z-bar will hold a mirror tightly in place. The mirror won’t sway or thump against the wall, and it won’t disconnect from the wall without being physically pulled out. It attaches with simple screws. Make sure to put a screw in each of the holes when mounting and, once again, keep everything centered.

Screw your Z-bar into your marks on the wall. Give it another check with the level just to be sure. Then simply hang it on the Z-bar and your mirror is set to go.

A more common method of hanging mirrors is with hooks and wire. This is a bit easier, but it’s not as safe and doesn’t always look as good. You need strong, sturdy wire and some clippers. You’ll want to loop the wire through the hooks several times to make sure it doesn’t break. The hooks have to be driven into studs, so you’ll need a stud finder. And after all that, the end result still requires a fair amount of eyeballing to make the mirror hang evenly. You can achieve a good result with wire and hooks, but it’s much more trial and error, and as mentioned, there’s more risk of bumps and shakes knocking the mirror off its hooks and onto the floor.

So there you have it. Get your level, screws, and Z-bar, and follow these simple steps to get your wall mirror up and looking pretty in no time at all.

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