Use Your Windows and Mirrors for Creepy Halloween Decorations

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Can you believe it’s almost Halloween? This scary holiday is a favorite because you can turn your home or business into a creepy haunted mansion. Glass and mirrors are perfect to use in your haunted layout. They reflect whatever you place in front of them for added scare value. Lighting also works well with windows and mirrors, and you can even get mirrors in Halloween shapes. CHC Glass and Mirror has some ideas for your interior and exterior Halloween décor.

Paint or Halloween Decals

Turn your home or business into a haunted mansion with creepy paint or decals on the windows. Paint fun or scary Halloween monsters by hand or with stencils. You’ll find pre-printed decals in fun or scary shapes or full window and door clings that are pre-printed to make the windows look broken, foggy, filled with ghosts or goblins, or – well – just about anything Halloween! For a wonderful effect at night, choose window decals or clings that reflect black light and then install black lighting above the windows.

You can also turn your windows into Halloween displays if you have the space. Seat a family of skeletons in your window seat or turn it into a gathering of witches. Set up a cemetery in your bay window, complete with skeletal hands reaching up out of the ground, tombstones, and dead trees. Put tables inside underneath your front windows and decorate them with light Halloween decorations that people will see from the street. Use your imagination and then go outside to see how everything turned out.


You can also paint or use clings on mirrors. Turn your mirrors into terrifying Halloween decorations by painting phantoms on them. These apparitions can be trapped inside the mirrors, clawing at it, and trying desperately to get out. Scary, ghoulish faces stuck inside the mirrors is also terrifying, or paint bloody Mary on a mirror – you remember that urban legend, don’t you? Use paints that are black-light reflective and then hang black lights above your mirrors, as well, for an even creepier effect.

The nice thing about mirrors is they also reflect, so set up Halloween decorations in from of them for double the scary trouble. Anything you place in front of the mirror will reflect back at you, so pick your scariest Halloween decorations and put them in front of mirrors. String spider webbing from the mirror to other parts of the room and place the plastic spiders on the webbing in front of the mirror so it looks as if there are more spiders. Use lit decorations in front of mirrors so the mirrors reflect the light.

Halloween is more fun when you decorate. Call CHC Glass and Mirror in Atlanta, GA, if you discover it’s time for new windows before winter or custom mirrors while you decorate. Our number is 770-203-0800.

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