What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is electronically tintable glass that changes tint with the press of a button. Whether in a clear or tinted condition, its patented technology blocks infrared and UV rays, keeping cars, homes, planes and offices protected and cool. Manipulating the glass’ tint can involve a wall switch, motion detector, dimmer, light/temperature sensor, or other smartplug device.

Smart Glass as an Energy Saver

Though you might try to block direct sunlight from coming through windows, there are times when the sun’s heat can warm a room on a cold winter day. And who doesn’t want to save money on their January heating bill? With dynamic smart glass for windows, their surfaces can read weather, room occupancy and sunlight, designing an ideal tint to block UV rays when necessary or invite the sun’s warmth inside. Just imagine–you’ll never have to adjust shades or curtains again.

Smart Glass Products

  • View – One of the more prominent manufacturers, View creates windows with Wi-Fi-connected controls that can be managed from an Android or iOS device. However, as a luxury supply company, don’t expect to get these products on sale (most range from $50 – $100 per square foot).
  • Sonte Film – Known as a digital shade, Sonte Film’s product goes over existing surfaces to enable the Wi-Fi tint technology. If you want to experiment before going all in, this device or something similar could make the most sense.
  • Smart Tint – These adhesive tints (which switch between opaque or transparent) connect to the AC and even act as a projection surface. Because you don’t have to buy a new window, these can also work for the reticent buyer who wants to test this technology before investing fully.
  • InvisiShade – This company designs both smart windows (that tint via wall switch or remote control) and adhesive film kits that fit over existing windows.

Smart Glass Pros and Cons

Though trying smart glass technology won’t come cheap–products can range from $99 to thousands depending on the type and scope–most experts agree that long-term energy savings can potentially be enough to make the investment worth it. On the flip side, some argue the newness of the technology means kinks are still being ironed out.

Regardless of the windows or tints you choose, considering the space’s energy performance goes a long way to saving you time and money on sun or shading efforts in the future. If you live in Atlanta or surrounding areas and want to know more about smart window technology or cost, feel free to give CHG Glass & Mirror a call at (770) 203-0800.

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Image by Pixaline from Pixabay