Using Glass As A Feng Shui Element

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Feng shui is the art of balancing energy, or chi, through object placement. Interior and exterior spaces that utilize feng shui in their design are believed to increase life energy, peace, and relaxation. There are five elements in feng shui: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Glass and mirrors can represent the water element, and CHC Glass and Mirror offers these four design suggestions.

Kitchen Mirrors

Sure your stainless steel appliances reflect, but mirrors do a better job of adding the water element to your kitchen. Feng shui practitioners believe that the kitchen represents health, as this is where food is prepared and often eaten. If your kitchen is large enough, a mirrored wall will make it feel even wider. A small kitchen will do with a custom hanging mirror placed on the largest wall in the space.


Whether you eat in the kitchen or dining room, glass tabletops are a nice way to add the water element to your interior design. Other tables, such as your end and coffee tables, can also have glass tops. If you’re feeling stifled and unhappy in your home office, use a desk with a glass top. If you love the look of your wood furniture, have a glass cut to size and place it over the existing top. This adds protection.

Dining Room Mirrors

The dining room signifies wealth and abundance in feng shui, so you’ll want to add a water feature here, too. Again, mirrors do the trick. Plus, they look wonderful when you have guests. Mirrors reflect the beautiful dining room table and its appetizing spread to your guests, and they also allow people to see their reflections of enjoyment. Depending on the wall size, a large mirror might work.

Entryway Glass

The best way to add the water element to your entryway is to have a glass cutout on your front door. You can also have a small window cut into the wall if there’s space or hang a mirror. Many people find they love a mirror in the entryway because they can check themselves each morning before leaving for work or school. Make certain the mirror is hung perpendicular to the front door.

These are just some ideas for adding feng shui water elements to your home. CHC Glass and Mirror can provide special cut glass and custom mirrors. We are experts in all-things glass – except automobile glass – and we’ve been serving Atlanta, GA, customers since 1976. Call us today!

Image by Bernd Müller from Pixabay