What Are The Types Of Glass That Can Be Used In Construction?

Glass is a substance that has been used by builders and architects for a long time. Even how glass is made is fascinating to many. It is made from all natural materials. Glass is made from sand or quartz heated to tremendous temperatures. It can even be shaped in many ways. The beauty and creative nature of glass make it a dream for builders. The functionality that glass affords to designers, builders and architects make it even more popular in today’s new construction industry. The varying ways that glass can be formed for beauty and function will be discussed in this article.

Laminate Glass

Shatterproof glass is highly regarded in the construction of residential and commercial properties. The fact that they are safe, provide a degree of warmth and beauty is pleasing to safety managers. This glass is specially treated, it has material that provides some insulation. This is expensive glass due to the amount of treatment needed to produce it. However, there are certain areas where it is necessary to use it. For example, car windshields are a primary source. We have all seen the crack that creeps along slowly. Yes, that could have been a major tragedy, but thanks to the shatterproof glass, it was only a crack. It is also frequently used on shower doors and on commercial skyscrapers made mostly of windows. Further, in a zoo where animals may run directly into the glass. This is the requirement.

Stained Glass

The history behind stained glass is long and beautiful. When you imagine old historic churches, one of the main images evoked is stained glass. However, in homes with extensive upgrades, stained glass comes in and out of fashion throughout the years. Nonetheless, when construction managers decide to take the money and effort to install stained glass, owners tend to maintain them because of the value, history and unique nature it presents. Stained glass is made from colored salts that is added to the formula when heating. The colored pieces are designed into beautiful patterns.


The nature of glass is that it can be reused in some many ways. The uses are endless. Although certain glasses are heated at different temperatures and must be sorted, it is important to know that they are reusable. Contact CHC Glass and Mirror for all your beautiful glass and mirror needs.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay