Use Mirrors to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

The holidays are officially here. You’ve survived Halloween and, hopefully, you will survive your kids’ dental bills afterward; now it’s time to plan for Thanksgiving. Did you know that mirrors can add a touch sophistication and elegance to your Thanksgiving meal presentation? They can also increase everyone’s appetite – seriously! CHC Glass and Mirror encourages you to take advantage of this decorative element to present a Thanksgiving table that will take your guests’ breath away.

Mirrors on the Wall

This suggestion depends on how your dining room is laid out. If you have wall space that isn’t inhibited by your china hutch, hang a rectangular mirror on the wall that is almost as large or as large as your dining room table. For optimal effect, the mirror should hang opposite the door through which your guests enter, so they can see the table, the table’s reflection in the mirror, and their reflections when they enter the room. The longer the mirror the better because it shows more of your Thanksgiving spread. Seeing the food in both places whets the appetite, which is why many restaurants use mirrors.

If you don’t have space on the wall that expands the length of your table, place smaller mirrors on the walls at each end of your dining room table. People can still see the table in the mirrors and they’ll see their reflections as they enjoy their meal. If you have a china hutch in your dining room that takes up most of your wall space, clean the glass thoroughly before your Thanksgiving meal so people can see their reflections in the glass. A customized mirror for the back of the hutch will reflect the table and guests just as a wall mirror would and also reflect your china and crystal stored in the hutch. Stunning.

Mirrors on the Table

The turkey is the centerpiece of the meal so purchase a flat, oval mirror large enough to surround the turkey platter on the table once it’s placed on it. This draws attention to the turkey in a unique way, and it also reflects lit candles and soft lighting beautifully. You can also purchase small, rounded mirrors upon which your guests can set their glasses of wine. You’d be surprised how pretty the full wine glasses reflect in the mirror. Use mirrors sparingly but artistically. You can use mirror accents in your centerpiece or mirrored napkin rings. Mirrors and lighting create the perfect ambiance for your meal.

You may have never considered mirrors in your dining room but they do add such beauty. Stop by CHC Glass and Mirror in Atlanta, GA, for some decorative ideas or call us today!

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Image by Julie Rothe from Pixabay