How A Sunroom Adds Value to Your Home

Owning a home means designing spaces that not only enhance your life but create value in the long term. Even if you don’t intend to sell in the near future, making sure your home remains insulated against volatile market changes is always a conscientious approach to home ownership. With that said, adding a sunroom creates an ideal domain for relaxation and joy. The space also looks great to potential buyers. Here’s why:

Sunrooms Create a Desirable Ambiance

Bringing the outdoors in almost always generates warmth and charm. Not to mention, enclosing the space keeps extreme heat and insects outside where they belong. Most people, while enjoying this separated view of nature, find it easier to relax and unwind. You might imagine reading a book in the evenings or savoring your morning coffee. Either way, sunrooms can lead to an elevated home experience.

Sunrooms Add Square Footage

Extra usable space means more value. It’s simple math. And with this sunny, livable square footage, your bigger home can attract serious attention.

Sunrooms are Simple Additions

Most homes have space in the backyard, either as a porch or terrace. Though outdoor areas can create value if maintained properly, they don’t translate to livable space. If you convert a porch to a sunroom, however, the full-length windows and clear divides make the room a definable area. And if you research adding a sunroom, you’ll find most house plans have a space that can easily convert, making construction less of a headache (low-cost, high-yield additions make more sense).

In addition, technological improvements have made sunrooms more energy-efficient and affordable than ever. With options like aluminum, insulated/solar-treated/Low-E glass, engineered roof panels, and radiant heating/air-conditioning devices, you can create a comfortable space that costs little to maintain.

Buyers Love Sunrooms

Homes with sunrooms get lots of attention–sun streams through the windows and natural light boosts everyone’s mood. With less upkeep needed than expansive outdoor designs, sunrooms attract buyers that want extra space without added effort. Also, additional square footage (and livable space) on top of the character and charm brought with this feature, means buyers will generally pay more for that home.

If you’re looking for summer home-improvement projects, consider adding a sunroom. And if you live in Atlanta or surrounding areas and want to know more about the cost and scope of this type of project, feel free to give CHG Glass & Mirror a call.

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