How Do I Stop Window Condensation in the Winter?

You’ve started a fire in the fireplace and grabbed a cup of hot cocoa. You sit down in your favorite chair and snuggle under your favorite blanket. It’s time to watch the snowfall during the first winter storm but your windows are fogged up with condensation again. This happens all the time. Why? And how do you stop it? CHC Glass & Mirror has a few suggestions to share.

Condensation on the Inside of Your Windows

This condensation is the most common type from which homeowners suffer, although your windows can also fog between the panes and on the outside. If the condensation happens indoors, however, there are several factors that might be at play. If you have a humidifier installed within your HVAC unit or you’re running a separate one to get help your toddler with a cold, the extra humidity creates the perfect recipe for indoor window condensation.

Reduce indoor humidity further by using the fans throughout your home. When you cook in the kitchen, turn on the stove hood fan to draw moisture away from the cooking space. Run your bathroom fans when you bathe. Keep the fans on for about 20 minutes after your meal prep or shower to dry out the air. Run ceiling fans on their winter setting to help keep the rest of the house drier and reduce indoor window condensation. If this doesn’t work, crack a few windows.

Upgrades That Help

If you keep your home warmer, it will keep the window panes warmer which will help prevent fogging. Some DIY renovations can make a difference, too, and they won’t up your utility bills. Make certain all of your doors and windows have weather stripping to prevent cold air from coming in and warm air from going out. If you don’t have them already, invest in some storm windows. These windows have space between two panes that traps heat.

Exterior and In-Between Pane Condensation

If you notice the condensation is on the outside, purchase the same anti-fogging remedy for your vehicle windows and treat the outside of your home’s windows with it. The same concept applies, and the product will prevent rain, snow, and condensation from sticking. For condensation between the window panes, clean your windows thoroughly first to see if that helps. If it doesn’t, you might need to replace the panes or the entire window to stop fogging.

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Image by 孔一 吉岡 from Pixabay