Spring Is Here Along With Window Damage

Spring is finally arriving along with beautiful weather and sunshine. Now is the time to check your windows, both in your home and business location, to make sure they are okay and ready to handle the stresses of spring. It might sound odd that you need to worry about windows during this beautiful time of the year, but there are many things that accompany the fresh air and sunshine that can damage them. CHC Glass & Mirror lists common hazards in the spring that can break the glass.


It doesn’t just happen on TV. Those spring street baseball games can wreak havoc on your home, especially the windows. You might be proud of your son or daughter hitting a home run, that is until it comes crashing through a second-story window. You want to encourage the kids to get out and play, but oftentimes, baseball games come with a price, and that price is window glass.


Another thing that can break your windows is birds. Unfortunately, these beautiful creatures that come in droves in the spring can fly directly into your window because they can’t see the glass. This is not only terrifying but it can harm or kill the bird. If the bird hits your window just right, it could break it, especially if your windows are old and weakened by years of wear and tear.

Golf Balls

If your husband likes to practice his shot in the backyard, you never know when you may end up with a golf ball coming through the window. If you live on a golf course, or if you have a vacation home on a golf course, eventually you’ll likely end up with a golf ball through the window. These balls are much harder and heavier than they might seem when they are hit hard enough to give them momentum.


Speaking of golf balls, how about golf-ball-sized hail? Now is the time for spring showers in Georgia, and one of the things that we see quite a bit is hail. If the wind hits the hail just right, it could blow sideways into your windows and cause serious damage. If your windows are older and need to be replaced, now is the time to do it before the hailstorms hit this spring.

CHC Glass & Mirror in Duluth, GA, can repair your window glass if it gets damaged by any of the above spring occurrences. We can also install new windows into your home or business if you’re ready to replace your old ones. Give us a call today or stop by our showroom.

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Photo by YesKatja from Getty Images via Canva Pro