Reasons To Screen In Your Porch

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, you find yourself spending more and more time in the great outdoors. From backyard barbecues to time spent lounging by the pool, you enjoy the space outside your home as much as the space inside.

Much of that outdoor time will take place on your porch. Whether your home sports a large wrap-around porch, a roomy front porch or a spacious back porch, there are things you can do to make the most of that living space. For many homeowners, the best way to improve an existing porch is to screen it in. Here are some of the most compelling reason to screen in your porch this year.

A Screened Porch Instantly Increases Your Living Space

When you screen in your porch, you instantly add living space to your home. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new addition, you can make the most of the space you already have with a screened-in porch.

Whether your porch is large and small, screening it in will enhance your living space and make your home more attractive. Whether you plan to entertain or just relax, you will love your screened-in porch.

It Keeps the Outdoors Outside

Hanging out on the porch is a lot of fun, but dealing with bugs is not. When you screen in your porch, you can keep those other outdoor residents where they belong.

Screening in your porch can eliminate the need for harmful insecticides and bug bombs, and allow your friends and family to enjoy the space bug-free. A screened porch can even protect your health, since many common insects carry dangerous diseases.

A Screened Porch Creates a Year-Round Environment

Hanging out on the porch is a rite of spring, and one of the joys of summer, but when the weather turns colder, it is time to head indoors. By screening your porch, you take a space that is only useful part of the year and convert it into a true year-round environment.

Once your porch is screened in and protected from the elements, you can enjoy it year round. If the outside temps dip too low, you can add a space heater or furnace to your new outdoor living space, making your home even more comfortable.

Having a porch is great, but having a screened-in porch is even better. If you have not yet screened your porch, make this the year you finally do it.

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