How to Prevent Foggy Windows This Winter

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With Thanksgiving coming as fast as a speeding bullet, you’ve got a lot of things on your to-do list. You want your house to look perfect this holiday season, but foggy windows can ruin the aesthetic. Why do household windows fog when it’s cold outside and what can you do to prevent them from doing so? Let’s talk about foggy winter windows and how CHC Glass and Mirror might be able to help you prevent foggy windows this winter.

Foggy Home Window Causes

The most common reason why your home’s windows fog in the winter is that it’s cold outside but warm inside. This temperature change between the exterior and interior of your home can cause excess window condensation. You might also have foggy windows because you have plenty of household plants releasing precious C02 into your interior air or you have a broken window seal. If your windows fog up a lot when the weather gets cold outside, the latter is likely the problem.

Broken Window Seal?

If you have double-pane windows and most houses do, you have a unique insulation system. Double-paned windows have two glass panels with tiny insulating airspaces between them. This insulating panel helps keep the windows’ temperatures consistent; in other words, the outside temperatures will not affect them or the temperature inside of your home. Double-pane windows help prevent furnace heat loss in the winter and AC cool loss in the summer.

You might have a broken seal in your dual-paned windows and not know it. Sometimes, the seal break is subtle, and things such as excess window fogging are your only clue that something is wrong. There are two primary things that break double-paned window seals. First, excess water retention in the window’s frame can break the seal. Second, sun exposure can weaken and break the seal over time. We can fix broken window seals or replace the window if necessary.

Additional Solutions

You can also help prevent your windows from fogging up too much by adjusting your interior climate with a dehumidifier that removes excess moisture from the indoor air. Fans also help prevent windows from fogging up by circulating the warm interior air so it doesn’t settle up against your windows. Some people have had success with window film kits. Applying a thin film to the windows helps prevent the fogging reaction caused by the cold and warm air contact.

New Window Installation Atlanta, GA

If you’ve been thinking about having new windows installed in your home, winter is the perfect time to do so. New windows will resist fogging and help you save money on your utility bills. Set up an appointment with CHC Glass and Mirror in Atlanta, GA.

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