Now Is the Time to Install Glass Barriers in Your Business Space

Safety has never been more important. Glass barriers protect your employees from COVID-19, especially if you have a store or other business that sees a lot of interaction between customers and employees. We here at CHC Glass and Mirror would love to say that COVID-19 will soon be a thing of the past, but it just doesn’t look promising. Let’s talk about shielding your employees and customers so you can keep your business open and busy because consumers will have confidence when they enter your space.

Barrier Type

We don’t mess around when it comes to offering the best products to our customers, which is why we use Cardinal SHIELD™ barriers. These barriers come in glass or Plexiglas, so you can choose which material works best for your business. Cardinal SHIELD™ barriers resist scratching and clean up easily, which keeps your place of business extra-safe during this pandemic and the barriers beautiful despite the multiple cleanings throughout the day. These barriers will last for years to come.

How You Can Use the Barrier

Cardinal SHIELD™ barriers come in many different shapes and sizes so the possibilities for usage are endless. Their thickness levels vary, too, so you can take into account other factors, such as using thicker barriers to protect your employees better in your late-night convenience store and/or gas station. These barriers not only encourage your customers to remain at ease but also boost your employee morale. They’ll know you care about them. Uses for Cardinal SHIELD™ barriers include placing them

  • Between customers and cashiers
  • Between customers and bank tellers
  • Between office cubicles
  • Between customers and manicurists

Basically, you can use these barriers anywhere you see fit provided your employee isn’t a hairstylist, for example, who would need access to your customer’s head. The barriers have different installation methods that work with your exact situation. You may opt to place a standing barrier between cashiers and customers until such time as the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer a threat and you can remove them, or permanent installation of barriers between your office cubicles to help buffer the noise between the cubicles and make your employees’ jobs easier. It’s entirely up to you.

Call CHC Glass and Mirror to discuss how Cardinal SHIELD™ barriers can benefit your business. Now is the perfect time to protect your customers and employees from germs and respiratory particles. We are the premier glass and mirror business in Atlanta, GA, so call us today.

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Photo by Tatyana Nekrasova from StopTheSpread via Canva Pro