Keep Warmer This Winter with Advice from CHC Glass & Mirror on How to Winterize Your Windows

The best way to keep warm in the winter is to prevent the warm air from escaping your home. It’s also critical to keep the cold air outside. You may have heard of winterizing your windows, but how do you do that? Don’t worry. CHC Glass & Mirror are Atlanta Metro Area experts in all things windows for both home and business properties. Keep reading for some tips to help you maintain a warm space throughout the winter season.

Inspect First

First things first. Inspect all of your windows to ensure they are not damaged, cracked, or otherwise compromised. This includes the area around each window. Small cracks around the window frame, cracked window frames, window sill damage, and, of course, cracked panes will allow air flow through the window unit even though it’s closed. Assess any damage and repair it if you can. If it requires a professional touch, give us a call.

Caulk and Seal

Your repair work may only require caulk or seal. Head to your local hardware store and pick up the caulking or sealant you want. The employees there can teach you how to use it if you aren’t sure. Caulk around each window indoors and out, but be careful not to get caulk in the track or you won’t be able to open it. If you have excessive damage around your windows, you may have to use a sealant instead. It’s also wise to install insulating film on the panes.

Install Storm Windows and Screens

If you remove your storm windows each spring, it’s time to put them up again. If you don’t have storm windows, it might be wise to consider the investment. Storm windows are specifically designed to winterize your home. They keep cold and moisture out. They are also insulated to keep warm air in. If you have glass panes to replace your spring and summer screens, put those up, too. Layers of protection insulate your home or business better.

Don’t Forget the Basement

Finally, make sure to show your basement windows some love. You can purchase window wells, which are hard pieces of plastic, at your local hardware store and use them to protect the windows at ground level. These wells cover the basement windows to prevent cold air, flooding, and other weather-related issues. They aren’t too expensive, and they’re well worth the investment to winterize your basement windows, too.

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Image by Ton op de Weegh from Pixabay