How To Insulate Windows Against A Cold Georgia Winter

When Georgia’s winters hit, your home could fall prey to faulty thermal barriers that let chilly wind creep in through their unprotected crevices. The biggest culprits are your home’s windows and insulating them before frigid weather strikes help prevent cold drafts and expensive heating costs. Here are a few techniques to insulate windows and stay warm this winter.

Window Film

Transparent window film can be purchased, cut to size and adhered to windows with double-sided tape. After installation, a hair dryer blowing warm air over the film creates a tight seal. Similar to the gases that fill space between double-glazed windows, the air pocket generated between film and window prevent cold air from getting through, keeping your home cozy and warm all season.


When window sashes have cracked (a quarter inch wide or less), use water-based latex caulk to fill them in. For metal and glass surfaces, use silicone-based caulk. Inexpensive and straightforward to apply, this option provides an easy way to weather-proof windows.

Note: Caulk can look unsightly if not painted and should be periodically reapplied.


Weather-stripping works on both the moveable and immoveable sections of your windows, though the fix is temporary for the movable areas. It can be purchased and manually put into placed with relative ease, making this another simple technique for weather-proof windows.

Spray Foam

Polyurethane spray foam can fill the sizeable gaps around window frames, but should only be used if you have easy access to such gaps (avoid removing drywall or plaster to get to space). With a long nozzle, this foam reaches areas beyond those accessible with manual fiberglass insulation.

Note: This process can be messy, and foam can expand onto floors or walls, so make sure to use caution when applying and clean up thoroughly afterward.

Thermal Curtains or Window Coverings

For an extra layer of protection, consider thermal blinds or curtains, which are thicker than traditional ones and prevent heat or cold from infiltrating the space. The U.S. Department of Energy claims these treatments control inside temperatures effectively despite extreme summer or winter temps.


Fabric draft-stoppers, or snakes, can block the space between the window sash and frame, preventing cold air from coming inside.

Most of these methods are inexpensive and easy to apply, and with cost savings from lower energy bills, the effort is well worth it.

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