How to Use Dryer Sheets in the Shower

You already know that dryer sheets are great for keeping your clothes soft and smelling great, but did you know you can also use these tiny wonders in your shower? It is true – dryer sheets are great for cleaning your shower, and their fresh clean scent will leave the entire bathroom smelling great. Here is what you need to know.

Dryer sheets are particularly good at removing stubborn soap scum from your shower enclosure and shower doors. As you know, it can be hard to remove that caked on soap scum from those surfaces, but a few dryer sheets can do the trick.

Start by moistening the dryer sheet under warm water, then rub it on to the dry glass of the shower door. You should see the soap scum start to peel off, and as you keep working, even more of that soap scum will loosen and pull away.

The embedded chemicals in the dryer sheet work to soften the soap scum and other smudges on your shower door. Once that soap scum is loosened, it will be much easier to get it off the surface of those glass doors without leaving any residue or doing any damage.

You can also use dryer sheets to remove soap scum from the bathroom sink, the shower enclosure and anywhere else that residue is a problem. Once the soap scum has been fully removed (a process that may require multiple dryer sheets), you will need to rinse the doors, sink and shower enclosure thoroughly with clean warm water. You may need to rinse the area several times to remove all traces of the chemicals from the dryer sheets – if you do not rinse thoroughly enough, the residue from the dryer sheets could leave the door and other surfaces looking cloudy.

It may seem counterintuitive to clean your bathroom with items from the laundry room, but dryer sheets are among the most versatile items in your household cleaning arsenal. If you had given up on removing that stubborn soap scum for your bathroom walls, shower doors and other surfaces, you do not have to grab the scrub brush. Just visit your laundry room, grab a handful of dryer sheets and get ready to say goodbye to that soap scum once and for all. This cleaning method works so well that you may need to restock your dryer sheets before doing your next load of laundry.

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Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay