How To Keep Your Bathroom Mirror Fog Free

It is a problem every homeowner faces from time to time. You walk into the bathroom to take a shower, do your makeup, shave or otherwise get ready for the day, and you can barely see your reflection in that polished surface.

Instead of your reflection, all you see is a lot of fog. When that happens, you want to clear the fog and keep it from coming back, but that is easier said than done. If your bathroom mirror keeps fogging up, you need to address the root cause and find out where all that fog is coming from.

Check Exhaust Fan

The first thing you can check is the exhaust fan in your bathroom. If the exhaust fan is not working properly, you could see an abundance of fog on the bathroom mirror. The same could happen if the vents are blocked, so look behind the fan and check for blockages.

If your bathroom mirror only fogs up after you take a bath or shower, you may be able to prevent it by turning on the exhaust fan before you start the shower. Running the shower, especially with very hot water, can create high levels of humidity and condensation. When that moisture settles, you get fog on the mirror’s surface, making your daily shave that much more difficult.

Clean It Right

The right cleaning can also keep your bathroom mirror fog-free. If the commercial cleaning solution you are using is leaving a residue on the glass, that could make your fogging problem worse. Those tiny particles of condensation will stick to the residue left behind, fogging the mirror and making it hard to see your reflection.

Instead of cleaning the bathroom mirror with a commercial cleaning solution, try using equal parts water and vinegar. Place the solution in a spray bottle, spray the entire surface of the mirror and use a squeegee to wipe it away. The vinegar and water combination can get your bathroom mirror cleaner, keep it fog free and make keeping your home clean a lot easier, and cheaper too.

Use Household Materials

You can also use other household materials to keep your mirror free of fog and leave it sparkling clean. It may seem counter intuitive, but shampoo is great for cleaning the bathroom mirror. Just use twice the amount you would put on your hair, and be sure you clean all the soap off the mirror so that it does not leave a residue. You can use the same technique to clean your bathroom mirror with shaving cream and even toothpaste.

There are many reasons why your bathroom mirror fogs up, and addressing those issues one by one is the best way to avoid the problem. Once you know what is causing the shroud of fog, you can address the issue and keep your bathroom fog free through even the hottest shower.

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Image by Thilo Becker from Pixabay