How Can I Tell When I Need New Window Screens?

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The title of this blog post might seem odd because sometimes it’s obvious that you need new window screens, such as when the screen netting is torn. There are times, however, when the screens appear to be fine but they could be damaged, actually, or damaging your windows. CHC Glass and Mirror can replace your window screens. Let’s talk about when you need new screens.

Old Screens Need Replacing

Window screens are not designed to last forever and even if they were, they couldn’t. They have too much going against them, including pets, weather, and neighborhood baseball games. Screens rust and the netting gets brittle the older it gets. Couple this with curb appeal, and it’s a good idea to have old and rusty screens replaced right away and then replaced again every 10 years.

Torn Screens Are An Eyesore

Not only are torn screens an eyesore but they are also unable to protect your home. Bugs, debris, dirt, and small critters can make their way into your home through torn screens. Age causes screen tears, as do low-quality screen materials, pets, and rodents. Once your home’s screens begin to tear, it’s time to repair or replace them. Otherwise, you reduce the value of your home with the unsightly screens.

Mesh Discoloration and Fading

Discoloration or fading is not as noticeable on traditional screening material, but today’s screens can come in colors to accent the exterior of your home. The sun beating down on the screens nearly every day causes the color to fade. Dirt, grime, and rust discolor the screens. It’s time to replace them if they are severely faded or discolored or if the screen frames are bent or broken.

Subtle Signs Your Screens Need Replacing

The above signs are obvious, but as we said in the introduction, there are times when your screens might look okay but they aren’t. Even though they are netted, window screens help protect your home from the sun’s UV rays and summer heat. They are the first defense line, with the windows being the second. If your home’s utility bills skyrocket in the summer, the screens aren’t protecting your home.

As the screen frames become misshapen over the years, you might find it is getting harder to open and close your windows. This can be caused by damaged window screens, but it’s important to know that it can also be a problem with the windows themselves. Inspect your window screens in the windows that you’re having trouble with to see if they are visibly damaged and causing the problem.

CHC Glass and Mirror in Duluth, GA, offers our customers several window screen types including pet screens to meet their specific needs. Call us today to replace your window screens.

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