Holiday Mirror Decorating Ideas

You go all-out each holiday season, but are you decorating everything you can? What about the mirrors you have hanging throughout your home? These, too, can receive a festive touch if you decorate them with the following clever ideas. Don’t have mirrors to decorate? CHC Glass and Mirror would be happy to customize mirrors perfect for reflecting your holiday lights and adding some sparkle to the room.

Tree Garland

Garland isn’t reserved for trees and the fireplace mantle; it can also add a holiday touch to your mirrors. You can tuck the garland between the mirror and its frame to enhance its shape. You can also frame the mirror by tacking the garland to the wall around it. Don’t forget the flowers, lights, and ribbons to make the garland accent even more stunning.

The Mirror Inside

Enhance your mirror decorating even more by hanging something in the center of it. Imagine a lit garland with holly bordering the mirror and then a small crystal ornament or picture in the center. Use monofilament or thin wire cut to size, so the ornament, picture, or even a smaller mirror hang down to the desired location. Hang multiple accents for greater effect.

Paint the Mirror

Washable paints and glass work well together, and you can use these paints to create a beautiful, mirrored holiday portrait. If you’re quite the talent, paint your mirror freehand. If you prefer, purchase stencils from the local hobby store to use. Paint your mirrors but don’t cover them completely. You want them to reflect your other holiday décor.

Reflect Off the Mirror

You can use your mirror to reflect other holiday cheer in the room if you don’t feel like decorating it. String your Christmas cards across a large, rectangular mirror or string ornaments from the ceiling right in front of the mirror. Better yet, purchase lit ornaments and string them in front of the mirror for a breathtaking lighting effect.

Decorate the Tree

Finally, purchase small mirrors to hang behind tree ornaments and lights. Place them strategically all over your holiday tree, so they reflect the prettiest ornaments and tree lights. You can have holes drilled into the mirrors and run ribbon through them so you can hang them from the tree prettily. Tie the ribbon over the branches and end them with bows.

Stop by CHC Glass and Mirror in Duluth, GA, to look at our mirrors and talk with our experts about customized ones. You can also call us if you have any questions about how mirrors can enhance your holiday décor. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

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Image by Lee Travathan from Pixabay