How to Handle Broken Glass Safely

Broken glass is extremely dangerous; especially if there’s a ton of it. A broken mirror can do more than bring you seven years of bad luck; it can cut into your skin as easily as glass can. Whether it’s broken glass or a broken mirror, there are ways to clean up the mess safely, and CHC Glass and Mirror stresses safety when dealing with a sharp mess. You don’t want to add insult to injury by cutting yourself or ending up with glass shards stuck underneath your skin. Here’s what to do.

Secure the Area and Protect Yourself

Whether it’s a piece of broken dinnerware or a living room window, make certain you are the only person in the area. Don’t let your kids or pets near the glass, as curiosity could result in an injury. Also, keep people away so they don’t track glass or mirror shards elsewhere. Secure the perimeter first and then protect yourself. Put on a pair of thick-soled shoes and thick rubber gloves. If you don’t have rubber gloves, leather or suede will do. Make certain the gloves are thick enough to protect your hands.

Grab a Box and Broom

Grab a thick cardboard box big enough to hold the broken shards. You want to be able to put all the debris into the box and still have enough room to close the lid tightly. Carefully pick up the large pieces with your gloved hands, avoiding sharps edges if you can. Move slowly and check for glass beyond the initial area. Put the pieces into the box without breaking them further. Once all the big pieces are cleaned up, grab a broom and dustpan to sweep up the remaining glass if it broke on a hard floor.

Vacuum Thoroughly

Whether the surface is carpeted or hard, vacuum the area thoroughly next. Even if you swept up the glass, there are tiny pieces the broom couldn’t catch. Vacuum the area and its surroundings, including the furniture. With your gloves still on, dampen a wad of paper towels and wipe down the area after you’ve vacuumed it if it’s a hard surface. Throw the paper towels, gloves, and vacuum bag into the box and close the lid to secure it. If you have a bagless vacuum, empty the canister carefully into the box or your large trash can. Dispose of the box in the trash where your little ones or pets can’t get into it.

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Photo by LoveTheWind from Getty Images