Gorgeous Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Garden

In interior decorating, mirrors are a great way to light up a room and make it feel larger. But have you ever thought about incorporating mirrors into your backyard? Mirrors and glass are a great way to elevate your garden landscape or outdoor living space. CHC Glass in Duluth, GA, wants to help you take your backyard to the next level with these tips and ideas.

Window Pane Mirror

Antique windows have experienced a recent surge in popularity when it comes to home decor. When you replace the glass panes with mirrors it adds a whole new element. Mirrored windows used outside add a sense of wonder to your space. Putting a mirrored window on an exterior wall or a wooden fence gives the illusion that there is another beautiful garden on the other side. A simple framed mirror with shutters on either side has the same effect.

Bring Light to the Shade

If there is a particularly shady spot or corner in your yard, a well-placed mirror will transform it. Mounting and angling a mirror on a nearby tree or fence will catch the sunlight and reflect it to that dark spot.

Mirrored Gazing Ball

Gazing balls add a classic touch to any outdoor landscape. When perched on a decorative pedestal, they allow you to see every angle of your yard. You can find them in a variety of colors to compliment your landscape and home. Plus, they work great in both the front yard and the back.

Bringing the Interior Outdoors

You always hear about bringing the outdoors in, but what about bringing in the indoors out? In Georgia, if there are two things we love, they are entertaining friends and family and cooking out. An outdoor dining space can be just as beautiful as your formal dining room with the simple addition of one or two decorative mirrors.

Use a Convex Mirror to See Every Angle

When you have worked hard to landscape and care for your backyard and garden, you deserve to be able to show it off and enjoy it. A well angled convex mirror in your outdoor seating area lets you sit back, enjoy a glass of lemonade, and see every part of your backyard.

While you may not naturally think of outdoor mirrors when you think of CHC Glass, maybe it’s time that you should. Give us a call to see what we can do to make any area of your home, including the backyard, even more beautiful.

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Image by Patrick Turban from Pixabay