Glass Walls Motivate Employees to Work Harder

There are many benefits to glass walls in your commercial space, but one benefit that isn’t talked about often is motivation. When you put employees behind closed doors, they are more inclined to goof off. White-collar crime has changed. People aren’t necessarily stealing money or goods from their bosses anymore; they are stealing time. They aren’t working while they are getting paid to work. CHC Glass and Mirror can install glass walls in your offices that not only boost their appearances but also help you to hold employees accountable.

Prevents Talking

When you can see what your employees are doing, they are less likely to sit and gab with each other all day long. Yes, you want a positive work environment that encourages camaraderie, but you don’t need them talking as if they had a morning radio show. If you can see them talking, they’ll be less inclined to gab because they know your eyes are on them.

Prevents Gaming

It might seem hard to believe, but many employees wile away their work hours playing games. Whether they have access to them on their work computers and use them as their gaming platforms, or they play on their smartphones, you aren’t paying your employees to play Candy Crush. A glass wall lets you see what your employees are doing.

Prevents Social Media

Perhaps the biggest distraction in today’s workplace is social media. Not only do you use it for your business, but you review accounts in your hiring practices, as well. One of the biggest white-collar crimes is employees spending more time on their social media platforms than they do working. Some spend all day on them.

Prevents Theft

One obvious benefit of glass walls is theft prevention. It’s particularly important to install glass walls if your business deals with cash. You need to be able to see what your cashiers are doing to make sure they aren’t pocketing any of your profits. It’s also a good idea to have at least one glass wall in your merchandise or supply rooms.

Prevents Smartphone Use

Finally, smartphone use isn’t limited to gaming. Most employees spent a good chunk of their day texting and talking. Those who text are of the opinion that you won’t know they are texting because you cannot hear them. A glass wall allows you to see whether your employees are working or chatting with their family or friends.

Call CHC Glass and Mirror in Duluth, GA, if you are interested in discussing glass walls for your workspace further. These not only add a beautiful aesthetic that increases the value of your office space, but they also help keep your employees focused on their work.

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Photo by in4mal from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro