Glass Tabletop Types

Glass tables may seem as if they’ve fallen out of favor, but they remain a popular and elegant choice for home décor. You can have a glass tabletop on your dining room table, living room end tables, and even your coffee table. CHC Glass and Mirror customizes glass tabletops, and we can help you decide on the best one for your wants and needs. Here’s how to choose a tabletop from the types available.

Glass Table Shapes

Glass table types come in all shapes when you get them from us. We can cut a tabletop to your exact specifications. You aren’t just limited to rectangle, round, or square. Some people prefer an oval dining room table or hexagon-shaped end tables. In some cases, we may be limited to what shape we can create depending on the tabletop’s base, but we’ll work with you to get you the table shape you want.

Glass Table Specs

The next thing to take into account is the type of glass you want for your tabletop. How thick should the glass be? What finish would you like? Do you want custom etching? And, do you want clear or colored glass? For example, a dining room table that sees a lot of abuse should be made from tempered glass thick and strong to prevent chips and cracks. A decorative end table can have a thinner top.

Tabletop Size

Another consideration is whether the glass tabletop will be used to seat people, such as your dining room or kitchen nook table, and if so, how many people do you want it to seat. This factors into your tabletop shape. Here are the average specs:

  • Oval Tabletop
    • 36-inch-by-60-inch to 42-inch-by-72-inch seats six people
    • 44-inch-by-84-inch to 48-inch-by-96-inch seats 10 people
  • Rectangle Tabletop
    • 36-inch-by-48-inch to 42-inch-by-78-inch seats six people
    • 44-inch-by-84-inch seats 10 people
    • 48-inch-by-96-inch seats 14 people
  • Round Tabletop
    • 36-inch-by-50-inch seats four people
    • 46-inch-by-66-inch seats six people
    • 66-inch-plus seats 10 or more people
  • Square Tabletop
    • 36-inch-by-48-inch seats four people
    • 48-inch-to-60-inch seats six to eight people
    • 60-inch-plus seats 10 or more people

Again, the base and room size will also determine the best shape and size. You want a glass tabletop that complements your table’s legs and the room’s size and interior décor.

CHC Glass and Mirror in Duluth, GA, invites you to call us to discuss your glass tabletop needs. We’d be happy to customize glass tabletops for your home or business.

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Image by RivieraWood from Pixabay