Four Tips for Maintaining Your Windows This Spring

Now that spring is almost here, you might be chomping at the bit to get out into the great outdoors. You don’t have to be outside all the time, however, to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. One way you can bring the beauty of the outdoors in is to get your home or business’ windows sparkling. CHC Glass and Mirror has some tips that you can use to get your windows cleaned perfectly for spring.

1. Clean Your Window Treatments

It’s easy to overlook window treatments, but they get dusty and dirty, too. Whether you’ve got blinds, curtains, or both, take some time to wipe solid surfaces with a damp cloth first. For cloth curtains, you might want to take them down and either launder them according to manufacturer recommendations or take them outside and beat the dust out of them. It’s an old-fashioned technique, but it works.

2. Inspect Your Windows Thoroughly

Your next step is to take a good, close look at your windows. You want to make sure to pay attention to any gaps that you notice, hardware that doesn’t seem to be working properly, and anything else that just doesn’t look right, such as pits or cracks. Taking the time to do this ensures that you know what’s going on with your windows so you can call us for glass repair or replacement if necessary.

3. Repair or Replace Fixtures and Hardware

If there are small problems, like screws that are missing or that have gotten stripped, that can be easy to fix on your own. Check that all hardware is secure and replace it if you have to. Take your existing window hardware into the hardware store to make sure you purchase the exact size you need for your windows. This step helps to ensure that you’re able to lock your windows and keep them closed. 

4. Clean Your Windows

Finally, it’s time to get those windows clean inside and out. Start out with a mixture of warm water and a little bit of dish soap. Swish a cloth around in the warm water and wring it out so the cloth is just damp. Wipe the windowpanes carefully, rewetting the cloth as needed. Use a squeegee to remove water from the glass and a dry, fresh cloth to wipe down the sill and other parts of the window.

If you notice any problems with the window glass while you’re cleaning, call CHC Glass and Mirror in Duluth, GA. We are local glass experts, and that includes windows and custom mirrors.

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Photo by Blair_witch from Getty Images via Canva Pro