How To Clean Your Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are all the rage these days, and why not? When clean, they look open and sleek, reflecting the light as you stand back and admire your spa-like escape. After a few days and some solid use, however, the attraction starts to fade and you realize unsightly water spots and soap scum have built up. So, check out these simple ways to keep your shower looking sparkly and new.

Use Vinegar

People swear by the streak-free shine a little distilled vinegar and water (mixed in equal parts) gives you. It also helps to add a mild dish detergent like Dawn to the cocktail. Just mix one-third of each ingredient (water, vinegar, Dawn) in a spray bottle and you’ll be set.

Note: Be careful using vinegar if you have stone in your shower, as it can damage certain non-porous materials.

Use Citrus

For a bonus great-smelling shower, use half a lemon dipped in baking soda to clean glass. After you’ve wiped the area with this handy organic tool, just swipe it clean with a damp towel.

Wait Until After You Shower

The ideal time to clean shower doors is right after use, since hot water has already loosened grime. Plus, you won’t get dirty or wet because…well, you’ve just showered. And if you want to knock out the rest of the job while you’re there, use a mild cleaning agent to swipe walls, shelves and floors too.

Spray It Daily

Although you’ll still need to give it a good cleaning about once a week, spraying the glass with a no-rinse shower spray after each use will keep build-up to a minimum. There are several natural varieties available, so you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals.

Don’t Forget the Edges

Frameless glass showers have no metal, but standard ones do, so make sure to focus on those tricky spots where glass meets metal. They’re prime targets for mold, mildew, and other unpleasantness. If grime builds up, a toothbrush and a natural cleaning agent (or the vinegar combinations mentioned above) can do the trick.

Use a Squeegee

If weekly cleaning isn’t your thing, consider prevention instead. If water can’t sit on glass, it won’t leave spots and grime. To remove water after showering, use a squeegee (hung in the shower on a convenient wall hook) to gently scrape the glass. Although this option takes more effort on a daily basis, you won’t need to scrub as much later.

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Image by pascalhelmer from Pixabay