How To Choose The Best Outdoor Holiday Lighting For Your Business

Creating the ideal outdoor lighting plan for your business can be a fun and creative task. Keep it simple – or dial it up a notch if you choose. Either way, remember these considerations as you transform the landscape of your business to deliver a dose of holiday cheer for your customers.

String It Together

Adding strings of lights around doors, windows or shelves is an easy way to light up your business for the holidays. LED lights are best when you need to connect lots of sets and incandescent lights are perfect for a classic glow. Avoid mixing LED and incandescent lights so you don’t blow a fuse in your LED light strand. For an extra twinkle, use ultra-thin wire fairy lights throughout your lighting display.

Draw It Up

Before you get started, draw your lighting plan and discuss what is needed with the team. Determine what types of lights you need, how many and where they should be placed. Consider the wattage, figure out how many amps will be used and scout out the outlets so you know how many extension cords are required.

Choose Your Lights

Snowflakes, icicles, bubble lights and fiber optics…oh my! With so many options, how can you decide which types of lights are best? Snowflake lights are ideal for a unique look while icicle lights can add extra depth and dimension. Bubble lights are making a comeback, bringing a nostalgic feel to décor and fiber optic lights change into multiple colors and are most often used in decorative fixtures. Mix, match and make your décor magical!

LED or Incandescent?

LEDs are becoming more popular because they’re energy efficient and vibrant. If you want to really light up the street, choose LED lighting! Available in solid or multicolored strings, incandescent lights are good for wrapping outdoor objects like trees and columns. A combination of these types of lighting can surely bring holiday cheer.

Time Out & In

Use a timer for your holiday lighting display for the perfect effect. Plus, timers can help your business maintain its energy efficiency with less hassle – and more dazzle.

Fantasy in Lights

Custom light strings are perfect for creating a Winter Wonderland because you can mix and match the color, order and length you like to achieve a desired look. Just remember that UL recommends no more than 216 Watts per circuit, so consider 350 sockets or 350 feet for the maximum run. When using incandescent lights, note that you may need to wire a plug to the stringer to connect to it to an outlet if you use a stringer that is 500 feet or longer.

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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay