Can You Just Replace the Glass in Your Windows?

The glass in your windows serves a vital purpose, one that is easy to overlook. In addition to making your home look its best, the glass in your windows provides the first line of defense against severe weather conditions, burglars and a host of other dangers.

You might not give the glass in your windows a lot of thought, but maybe you should. If your window glass has seen its better days, it is important to evaluate your options and look for ways to make your home safer and more secure.

Help for Double Paned Windows

Double paned windows are great for enhancing the energy efficiency of your home. Compared to traditional single paned windows, double paned glass is far more efficient, trapping the warm air inside your home in the winter time and stopping it from escaping and keeping the air conditioned air in your home during the hot summer months.

Over time, however, the double panes of this special glass can begin to separate. The endless cycle of hot and cold weather can really take its toll, leaving your once highly efficient windows prone to air leaks and other issues. Fortunately, there is a way to fix those double paned windows and restore their lost efficiency, and you can do it without replacing, or even disturbing, the window frame.

Replacing Just the Glass

The beauty of double paned windows is that it is possible to replace just the glass, without replacing the window frames themselves. If your window frames are still in great shape but your double paned glass has lost its efficiency, it is possible to simply replace the glass.

When you replace the glass in your double paned windows, you can recapture the energy efficiency you used to have, and that should lower your heating and cooling bills going forward. Replacing just the glass can also be less costly than replacing the frames as well, leaving you with more money in your wallet.

Check the Structural Integrity of Your Window Frames

While it is possible to replace just the glass in your windows, it is not always an advisable thing to do. If your window frames are old and worn, they may not have the structural integrity needed to make simple glass replacement feasible.

You should always check the structural integrity of your window frames before doing any type of glass replacement. At CHC Glass and Mirror, we can check your window frames, make expert recommendations and provide the quality window glass replacement your home or business needs. Just give us a call today to discuss your window issues and see how we can help.

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay