6 Holiday Activities For The Whole Family

The holidays are finally here, no working, lots of free time and the festivities are beginning to come to life. Families are gathered together during this holiday season because there is something unique and amazing about spending the festive season with family. It is definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

However, as much it is wonderful, it can get a little stressful sometimes. You want to enjoy yourself and ensure everyone around you is too. As you catch up on family news at home, battle the jet-lag if you flew half-the-world to get home, as well as take time to savor in the old familiar surroundings of your home and get into the festive mood; you might find yourself trying a little too hard and not really enjoying yourself as you should.

It doesn’t have to be like that, you don’t have to stress it, just enjoy yourself. A few ideas on some of the amazing activities you can enjoy during the holidays as a family are as follows.

1. Do The Decorations

Decorating the home has always been a fun activity to do especially if the whole family is involved. You will not only have your home made-up in festive attire as a result, but the family will also have that quality time to bond. You can take out the old decorations that you made years ago and share happy memories with your kids. You can also make new decorations as a family and put them up to further make your home look more festive. Doing the decorations as a family an amazing experience.

2. Prepare Delicious Holiday Treats

If you love cooking, then you will love this. Consider looking up recipes of festive themed treats. You could bake cinnamon cakes, ginger, or strawberry-flavored cupcakes and serve them to your family. You could also wrap these delicious treats in a food basket and give them as gifts to your friends. Again the whole family can help out and in the end sit together and enjoy the delicious treats.

3. Do The Movie Marathon

Now that you have all the delicious treats made and some of them stored in your fridge, it is time to get cozy on the sofa with your family and invite some friends over for a movie marathon. You can either watch animated Christmas movies or any other holiday movies. There are great Disney movies that are perfect for family entertainment and will guarantee a great time. After getting all the movies you want to watch, you can arrange to have a movie marathon every afternoon with the stash of lovely treats within everyone’s reach; then sit back and really enjoy yourselves.

4. A Family Game Tournament

This is a great way to have the best time. Choose your favorite game, it could be soccer, foosball, chess or even swimming. Just make sure it is competitive, fun and that you award the winner(s) in the end.

5. Venture Outdoors

Of course, this will depend on the weather. If it is snowing heavily or raining, a walk might not be a good idea. If there is lots of snow and the weather is friendly for a walk , then you can go out as a family. You can have a snowball fight, build a snowman, have some treats at a nearby diner or simply just breathe in that cool fresh air as you walk around and appreciate the beauty of nature.

6. Have That House Party

You could have a new year’s eve party, a Christmas party or just one random holiday party. The holidays will not be complete without a single party. Invite relatives and friends, have enough dinner, drinks, music and all the party works in place for a successful party. Let everyone enjoy themselves, stuff themselves with the delicious treats, dance and interact with each other, because it is definitely that special time of the year.

With the above activities, you will definitely be aglow with the festive cheer. Just remember to capture the good times on camera, to preserve the wonderful memories and even be more creative next time with more fun activities. Your family will all be happy and will always look forward to the holidays.

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Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay