5 Window Screen Types Perfect for Your Home

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Our name is CHC Glass and Mirror but we also install window screens. We can repair your old and worn screens or we can replace them; it’s up to you. If you need a new screen door, we’re the ones to call for that, too. The question is, which window screen type is perfect for your home? Let’s discuss the five window screen types we offer to help you decide. Here’s what they are.

Colored Screens

Add some exterior pop to your home with colored window screens. You don’t have to use black or silver screen netting. Choose netting of a different color to accent your exterior paint. You can also choose screen frames to make the netting even prettier. For example, beige screen netting inside white frames would look very pretty on a home with brown exterior paint.

Glare/Sun Control Screens

If window glare is a problem in your home, consider anti-glare and sun control window screening. This screen helps reduce the sun’s glare as it shines through your windows. If you have a lot of exterior lighting to beautify your yard at night, the glare-control window screens will also help reduce the lights’ glare. If your home gets super-hot in the summer, this screening will help.

Low-Visibility Screens

The opposite of glare and sun control window screens is low-visibility window screens. If you love natural sunlight pouring into your home, these are the screens for you. Low-visibility window screens allow plenty of sunshine through the windows, which is perfect if you like to open the drapes and heat your home in the winter with natural solar energy during the day.

Pet Screens

You love your pets. They’re part of the family and you spoil them rotten. One problem. You can’t get your cats to stop clawing at the window screens and they’re ruining them. The dogs like to paw at them, too, if they see squirrels outside. Pet window screens are durable and designed with netting the cats and dogs can’t rip. Seriously, this stuff works.

Retractable Screens

Finally, retractable window screens are the ultimate luxury. When you have your windows open, you can pull them in place to keep bugs out and your pets in. When the windows are closed, you can retract them so your view outside isn’t hampered by window screening. These window screens are perfect for family, game, and sun rooms.

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