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Five Benefits of Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower enclosures are beautiful but that is not their only benefit. CHC Glass and Mirror installs framed, frameless, and sliding glass shower doors in our customers’ homes for many reasons, five of which we will list below. If you are considering a bathroom upgrade and you currently have a shower curtain, consider renovating the shower enclosure and letting us install glass shower doors.

1. Keeps You Warm

Don’t you hate how the shower curtain lets cold air in the shower on a cold winter morning? A glass shower door will not let the changes in the bathroom’s air temperature between the inside and outside of the shower through. Rather, it keeps the warm air inside the shower so you can enjoy the coziness without blasts of cold air. In fact, you might even use less hot water because the shower is kept warmer.

2. Makes the Bathroom Look Bigger

Another advantage of glass shower doors is they make your bathroom look bigger. Seeing the depth of the shower tricks your brain into thinking the space you’re in is much larger. A shower curtain hides the shower and encloses the bathroom, if you will. If you already have a small bathroom, make it look bigger by opening it up with glass shower doors. This will expand the space visually so it looks larger.

3. More Light

Shower curtains block the bathroom’s natural and artificial light. Glass shower doors let that light shine through. This, too, gives the illusion of a larger bathroom space and, frankly, a bigger shower. The extra light makes taking your morning shower half-asleep easier. You won’t have to fumble for your toiletries in a shower that is poorly lit. Plus, as we said above, the shower is more enjoyable because it’s hotter.

4. Shows Off Your Tile

If you already have stunning shower tiles, don’t hide them behind a shower curtain. If you are renovating your bathroom, retile the shower and then install glass shower doors to show off the beautiful new space. Have you ever seen a shower that took your breath away? We bet that if you have, it had glass shower doors. You can have this, too, and you deserve the best, so go for it!

5. Pays for Itself

Finally, if you’re worried about the cost of investing in glass shower enclosures, know that they pay for themselves. Not only will you save energy because the enclosure will keep your shower’s temperature hotter, but it will also increase the overall value that you carry in your home. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home, the higher its value the more money you hold in the asset.

Contact CHC Glass and Mirror in Duluth, GA for a glass enclosure quote. You’ll love your new shower doors once they’re installed.

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