Four Ways to Draw In Customers With Your Storefront

If you don’t draw customers into your store, you may as well close the doors for good. Here’s the thing: Curb appeal is as important for commercial property as it is for residential property. If your storefront is uninviting, people will not come in. CHC Glass and Mirror offers these tips to draw customers through the front by creating an inviting storefront.

Be Welcoming

Would you walk into a store that has a wooden or concrete front and not much else? A storefront is more than that side of the commercial space and a door. It needs to be welcoming. Choose bright exterior paint colors and add potted plants on either side of the door. Use a welcome mat and provide a trashcan with an ashtray to allow potential customers to discard things prior to entering the retail space. Make the outside attractive and appealing to passersby.

Use Signage

Part of this appeal is signage. There should be welcoming signage on the door and attractive signage on the sidewalk and above the door. Don’t choose signs that look almost as if they are billboards. That’s impersonal. Be personal with your signs. For example, if your store is located in a historic building, choose wooden signage that adds to the gable aesthetic. Avoid metal signs unless absolutely necessary. They look cheap. Choose other materials such as wood or glass to attract attention.

Use Windows

A closed-up shop is an unvisited shop. Open up your storefront with a commercial window design that draws people in. There are two benefits to an all-glass or mostly-glass storefront. People from the outside can see what’s inside and are more inclined to come in, and the glass provides better interior light. Glass window displays are crucial to business, no matter what you sell. Plus, they give you an opportunity to feature holiday products during the holiday season.

Keep it Clean and Uncluttered

Finally, keep your storefront clean and uncluttered. Nobody wants to walk into a store that has a dirty exterior or so much junk outside they can’t find the front door. Make certain you sweep the outside of your storefront daily and keep the welcome mat free of dirt, too. Clean the exterior windows and window displays to remove weather spots, finger prints and nose prints. If necessary, do this daily to ensure your storefront sparkles day in and day out.

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Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay