4 Reasons to Consider a Converted Bus Tiny Home

Hundreds of people are joining the “tiny house” revolution. Of those living in tiny homes, many are choosing RV living for the ability to travel. For an even more fun and interesting twist on RV living, some are even living in buses.

Buses — old school buses in particular — make awesome bases for DIY motor homes that are completely customized to one’s tastes. How cool would it be to have a home you can take anywhere that was built by you and especially for you?

Here are a few more reasons to consider living in a converted bus.


By converting an old bus into a tiny home, you are up-cycling something that may have been thrown out otherwise. Smaller spaces also lend themselves well to green living as they discourage the accumulation of unneeded things, and because they are tiny, they generally use less electricity. Additionally, RV add-ons such as solar panels and composting toilets are an amazing way to save resources.


When your home has wheels you are free to explore the world as you see fit. The relatively small size of a converted bus RV also does well driving in places where folks with bigger rigs may not be comfortable driving. With a bus for a home, the world is your backyard.

Minimize Things

As mentioned before, living in a tiny home requires you to minimize the number of things you own. This makes you think before adding things to your collection, and tends to take the focus off owning the latest and greatest, and instead puts it on enjoying experiences and people. In this way, tiny house living has the side effect of helping people to straighten out their priorities, and thus get more joy out of life.

Save Money

RV living can be far more affordable than living in a traditional house. When converting a bus to be your home, consider RV add-ons such as solar panels, a composting toilet, and a couple of vent fans. By doing these things you will reduce the amount of water you require to be comfortable, as well as the number of trips you must take to the dump station.

You will also reduce the amount of electricity you require during the hot summer months, and — with solar panels — will have the ability to produce your own electricity. This means you will no longer be tied to campground living, and any money you may have spent on rent or campground fees can be used for new adventures.

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Image by Phil Schreyer from Pixabay