Three Common Causes of Window Damage

Few things are more unsightly than a broken window, whether the window is broken at your home or business. CHC Glass and Mirror would like to caution you that a broken window is also unsafe. Not only could pets or little ones be injured by the broken window, but it also reduces your home’s security and insulation. What causes windows to break, aside from somebody breaking them on purpose? Here are three common causes of window damage that, unfortunately, can hit your home or business with little warning.


Duluth, GA, has a humid climate that can create some rough weather conditions. We also get plenty of sunshine in the summer that can beat down on windows and weaken them. Have you ever taken a glass casserole out of the oven and immediately filled it with cold water? Did it break? This can happen over time with your windows. The shock of hot and cold weakens the glass, meaning that as the seasons change here in Atlanta, your window glass slowly deteriorates. Humidity also weakens window sashes.


Whether human, weather-related, or accidental, a window is only designed to handle so much force against it, and if something exceeds that force, the window will pit, crack, and/or break. Let’s talk about the weather here, too. We’ve seen some nasty wind and hailstorms in Georgia, and either can throw hard objects at your windows that can break them. If a bird hits your window hard enough, and we hope one never does, that can break your window, as can the neighborhood baseball or football game.


Windows can only be designed to last so long because, as with everything else, including us, eventually, their materials break down. Whether it’s the glass itself that breaks down or the frame, sash, or other window parts, your window glass could break if something ages and fails. You can extend the life of your windows with proper care, paying special attention to the framing. For example, if you have wood window frames that you ignore, wood rot will destroy the frame and the window.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay