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How to Incorporate Mirrors into Your Home Décor

Many people think of mirrors as purely functional items. They peer into the bathroom mirror when they are getting ready for the day or check their hair in the mirror when they arrive at work. While it is true that mirrors are functional, they can also bring a beautiful aesthetic to your home.

If you are looking for a way to make your home more beautiful, elegant and inviting, a few well-placed mirrors can help you meet your goal. A lighted mirror in the hallway brings a simple elegance to any space, while a mirrored closet provides a practical touch every member of the family is sure to appreciate.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Closet

If your bedroom includes a walk-in closet, lining the long wall with a mirror can make choosing the right outfit and getting dressed a lot easier. If there is not room for such a large mirror, a smaller one placed along the back wall can be just as useful.

If your closet space is less limited, you can still enjoy the advantages of a large mirror. Just mount a large and sturdy mirror along one side of a traditional closet, or hang on on the closet door. Once the mirror is installed, you will be able to compare looks, choose the right accessories and leave the house with confidence.

Create a Focal Point

If your living room, great room or den needs an elegant focal point, you cannot go wrong with a stylish mirror. A modern-styled mirror topped off with an accent light brings an instant focal point to any room it is placed in.

If you wish, you can turn that mirror into a family photo gallery. Just surround the mirror with pictures of your family, from formal portraits to candid shots of your last vacation. You can create an ever-changing family gallery by swapping out the pictures with the seasons, or simply choose your favorites and enjoy them year round.

Make Your Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

Even the largest homes often have small bathrooms, and that lack of space can cause a lot of problems. Taking a shower and trying to get dressed in a cramped space is no fun, and a small bathroom can detract from the beauty of the entire home.

A mirror may not be able to make the bathroom bigger, but it can create the illusion of more space. Hanging a large mirror across one wall of the bathroom will make the entire room look larger and more elegant. At the same time, that mirrored wall will make dressing, putting on your makeup and getting ready for the day a lot easier and more pleasant.

No matter what kind of home you own or how much you have to spend, there are plenty of ways to incorporate mirrors into your home décor. If you have a limited budget, a few lighted accent mirrors can perk up your hallways and closets. If your budget is a bit more extensive, a well-placed wall mirror will make your rooms look larger, more elegant and more ascetically pleasing.

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