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Decorating With Mirrors

When you hear the phrase “decorating with mirrors,” your mind probably lurches away from the idea of the wall-of-mirrors that was popular in the 70s and 80s. Like everything, you can make decorating tacky or elegant with mirrors. Which you achieve comes down to how you use the reflective glass pieces in your décor. Here are a few tips.

Use Large Mirrors in Small Rooms

Large mirrors create the illusion of depth while small mirrors can simply accentuate the cramped nature of a room. If your goal is to make a room look larger, go with one large mirror rather than several small mirrors. Put mirrors across from interesting focal points to help people draw attention to the pieces as well as to the mirrors.

Make Mirrors a Focal Point

Mirrors can add charm and sophistication to any room, particularly in corners, on mantles, and as backdrops to items on tables. One example of making a mirror a center piece is to put an empty frame against a larger mirror. The effect is one of depth and interest. You can also put a light behind a mirror to create a glowing edge effect.

Use Mirrors Sparingly in the Bedroom and Kitchen

There’s not much point to mirrors in a kitchen, particularly given the fact they will need to be cleaned regularly due to the grime that circulates in the air of every kitchen. Avoid the temptation to go with a mirrored backsplash unless the glass is deeply colored. Unlike other areas in the house, mirrors in the kitchen don’t usually make the room look larger, just more cluttered.

Mirrors in the bedroom are okay if they are well-placed and kept to a minimum. First off, make sure the mirror is not the first thing a person sees upon waking in the morning. In fact, a mirror should never reflect the bed if you can help it. The best place for a decorative mirror in a bedroom is above the headboard (well above the headboard.) Never, never, never put a mirror on the ceiling

Use Mirrors in Simple Rooms

Mirrors in busy rooms just make the place look cluttered. If you have a simple room, however, mirrors can make it look larger and add interest. In particular, mirrors on furniture can make large furniture look smaller or make your square footage seem greater.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to mirrors, the rules are simple: fewer mirrors are better than more, a large mirror is generally better than a small one, and mirrors should almost never be used in kitchens and bedrooms. If you follow these three simple rules, then you’ll be able to make your home look elegant with a few high-quality, well-placed mirrors.

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Image by Alison Updyke from Pixabay