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How to Transform Your Home Using Glass Walls

Glass walls are a stunning design element that can be used in every room of the home. Exterior glass walls that offer breath-taking views of beaches, forests or snow-covered mountains are one of the most desirable features when it comes to home design. However, installing exterior glass walls can be expensive and may not be practical for certain homes. Smaller projects such as shower enclosures or room dividers made from glass bricks can still make a big impact and may even increase the value of your home. Whether you want to section off an area for added privacy or open up a living room with plenty of natural light, glass walls add a stylish and sophisticated touch to your home’s interior.

Homes that do not receive a decent amount of natural light can seem dingy and claustrophobic. Just the addition of a small window can make all the difference when it comes to interior design. A solid glass wall creates a much more dramatic effect and can totally transform a living room or bedroom. Design is very important when it comes to making substantial changes to the exterior of your home, and it is advisable to seek the guidance of an architect before starting major renovations. Glass walls should appear seamless and enhance the natural beauty of your home rather than creating an eyesore due to poor design. If a solid glass wall is a little outside your budget, then panes of glass held together using silicon and a wooden or aluminium frame is an economical alternative.

Interior glass walls offer many more options for budding interior designers. Glass panels suspended from the ceiling make fantastic room dividers to section off a workspace or kitchen. You can even create a little more privacy by using tinted glass or Privalite glass that can switch between clear and opaque depending on your mood. Glass walls are the perfect option for an office or home studio as they divide the room while still maintaining the illusion of space within your home. You can also use glass panels in place of handrails along a staircase or balcony. Glass bricks are available in many different colors and designs and can be used in a variety of ways throughout the home. You can build a stunning shower enclosure using blue or opaque glass bricks or section off one area of the bathroom for extra privacy. Small glass bricks can be used to create a unique backsplash that sits behind cookers or other work surfaces.

Solid glass walls can be extremely heavy, so always check that your floor is strong enough to support the extra load before starting installation. You will also need to consider heating and cooling options for your home. Heat will escape through a glass wall during the night and on cloudy days, but glass walls that receive direct sunlight will turn your home into a greenhouse within minutes. Despite the added cost and planning, glass walls are a wonderful feature for the home that are well worth the initial investment.

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