Glass Handrails

Whether it’s your home’s staircase or a rooftop terrace, glass handrails add a touch of sleek sophistication to any property. These modern handrails use strong, clear glass to create a barrier while providing a fresh, open look and feel to any space you choose. Whether it’s a modern take on pool fencing to a contemporary stair rail in a city loft, glass handrails lend the look of your home or business an upscale aesthetic.

Glass handrails should be sturdy and reliable, yet sleek and simple. These unique accents provide a clean look that gives any space a touch of timeless appeal combined with bold, modern style. The glass is durable enough to withstand outside weather yet light enough to give any interior space an airy, open look. If you have an outdoor area with a view, don’t impede it by installing traditional fencing. Try glass handrails to enjoy an open view that lets the light in while offering a safe, protective barrier against falls.

At CHC Glass & Mirror, we use the highest quality tempered glass that goes through a heat process to give it added strength. This unique, beautiful glass is extremely durable so it’s suitable for outdoor use and meets all current deck railing codes. You can enjoy it for a commercial space to give your entryway a professional, modern look, or install glass handrails by your pool to elevate your entertaining area. They’re the perfect option for anyone who wants to create a minimalist, updated look. Combine the glass with the frame of your choice to create a customized appearance and a unique touch that you’ll love.

You can customize your glass handrails to tie it to your home or business by selecting the frame style and finish of your choosing. With a combination of sleek style and unparalleled durability, these handrails are a must-have for any modern structure. Install them inside to give a living area a more open, airy feeling. Place glass handrails around your patio to craft an inviting, contemporary border that allows the patio space to remain open to the view and the sunlight. With so many different options available and ways to use them, it’s no surprise that these handrails have become an integral part of today’s modern design.

Contact the professionals at CHC Glass & Mirror for your estimate on new glass handrails. We’ll expertly mount your handrails and help you accomplish your design dreams with accuracy and simplicity. Serving Duluth, GA, and the greater Atlanta area, we can be reached at 770-203-0800 so give us a call today.