Draw People Back Into Your Business With an Eye-Catching Storefront

You need to draw customers into your business now more than ever while the nation slowly reopens. The best way to grab people’s attention is with an eye-catching storefront they simply cannot ignore. Glass is the best material to use. Storefront windows cannot only be painted on but also provide the perfect showcase for merchandise displays. CHC Glass and Mirror suggests the following accents to create irresistible storefronts to get passersby attention and keep it.

Start With Plenty of Glass

Open your store to those on the outside with plenty of glass in front. This allows people to peer inside your shop as they walk by. Nine-out-of-10 times, there will be something in your store that will catch a person’s eye and he or she will enter the store to look at it more closely. Window-shopping is an extremely popular pastime that leads to sales, but people can’t window-shop if you don’t have windows. Use glass to reveal popular products, the latest fashions, or your customers enjoying your food.

Use Bold Window Paint

Draw attention to things such as sales or products with bold window paint on part of your store front windows. Use colors that cannot be ignored, such as neon or bright colors. The holidays aren’t the only time you can take advantage of window paint and decorative stencils; you can also send positive messages to your customers now, so they know your store is open, safe, and ready to service their needs. Paint the windows where it will be most visible from the streets and sidewalk.

Set Up Sandwich Board Signs

Get creative with sandwich board signs and chalkboards, too. You can hand-paint these effective signs to draw customers into your shop. People are always in a rush these days, walking straight ahead hurriedly while they stare at their handheld devices. Placing a sandwich board sign or chalkboard on the sidewalk in front of your store forces potential customers to see it, as they must avoid it while they walk ahead. Design signs that are colorful, eye-catching, friendly, and inviting. Then, place them strategically in front of your store somewhat out of the way but still enough in the way to draw attention.

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Image by Bruce Emmerling from Pixabay