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Make the Most of Your Glass Window Displays

Investing in commercial glass to enhance your storefront is a tried and true practice for showing off merchandise to its best advantage. New glass that’s free of scratches or chips isn’t just safer for customers and employees; it’s also more aesthetically pleasing to anyone passing by your business. After you install your new glass windows, you can make the most of what these new features offer when it comes to your ramped-up displays.


Bigger and better glass windows can translate into more natural light for your window display as well as your interior business. Brighter lighting has a way of perking up the setting and complementing all of your offerings. If you aren’t getting the natural lighting you need during the day, you might try adding strategic spotlights to highlight whatever it is you’re promoting. Be sure that your windows are optimally lit in the evening to draw attention from potential customers.

Attract Customers at Eye Level

When designing your new window displays, it helps to step outside the store and view the windows just as your customers would. Be sure you have elements placed at eye level in order to draw the eyes of those passing by. Naturally, keeping your windows cleaned daily–inside and outside–will provide the clearest views of your wares. Your glass installer can tell you which products are best to use on your commercial glass.

Change Often

Your glass window displays are the first things customers see about your store. You can keep attracting locals inside by continually changing the window to emphasize new merchandise. This constant change tells customers that you are continually updating your wares and put a lot of time and effort into your business. Customers respect that. Stores that leave their displays unchanged from month to month might be telling customers that there’s really nothing new–and that is bound to ring flat.

Be Bold

Even if you momentarily run out of creative ways to showcase your products, you can rely on bold colors and shapes to attract eyes to your windows. You might even try some inexpensive vinyl clings to showcase on windows during those periods when you’re changing the display. This way, you’re windows are always working and marketing for you.

High-quality commercial glass windows can certainly enhance your business, but you can complement the job they do by continually changing your displays to make the most of their functionality.

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Image by photosforyou from Pixabay